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Believing God's Word.

L1, L3, L28, L35, L36, L103, L108, L111.

New Life by faith.

L1, L59.

The virgin birth.

L2, L128.

The Holy Spirit.

L2, L9, L96, L125, L140.

Jesus - Son of God.

L3, L10, L21, L31, L48, L55, L65.

Jesus - Saviour.

L3, L4, L5, L13, L14, L16, L25, L33, L47, L50, L55, L60, L81, L86, L87, L95, L109, L123.


L5, L38, L68.

Offering for sin.

L6, L110, L133.

The Holy Bible.

L7, L11, L61, L70, L103, L108, L139.

The Christian life.

L7, L26, L27, L73, L105.




L8, L78, L87, L88, L114, L126, L127.


L8, L9, L92, L93, L115.

God's family.

L10, L27, L38, L62, L63, L65, L82, L88, L89, L100.

Devil and demons.

L10, L12, L13, L40, L41, L51, L66, L67.


L11, L19, L99.

Facing difficulties.

L11, L120, L128.

No other gods.


False religions.

L13, L16, L28, L37, L54, L71, L72, L82, L83, L129.

Curse of sin.

L14, L17, L19, L40, L41, L42.

Salvation by faith.

L15, L17, L29, L36, L81, L99, L102, L104, L123, L135.

False witnesses.


Obey Jesus' words.

L15, L47, L68.

No other priest.

L20, L45, L48, L58, L77, L95, L110, L112, L122.

Forgiveness of sins.

L21, L33, L86.

All are sinners.

L22, L99, L101.



Jesus or religion.

L23, L24, L37, L129.

Christian persecution.

L26, L85, L120, L127.

Jesus is Lord.

L28, L83, L96, L116.

Good works inadequate.

L29, L43, L99.

Victory over death.

L30, L137.

Judgment of God.

L31, L46, L76, L97, L109, L134.

Refusing to believe.

L32, L46, L101, L131, L132, L134.

Love for Jesus.

L33, L61.

Christian responsibility.

L34, L106.

Heaven certain.

L39, L57, L84, L91, L102, L115.

The last days.

L40, L66, L97, L118, L119, L120.

Opposition to Jesus.

L41, L57, L107, L112, L113, L120, L122, L127.

God's commandments.

L42, L79.

Dead in sin.

L44, L60.

Can't replace Jesus.

L45, L54, L96, L112, L116, L122, L125.

Death to sin.


Idolatry forbidden.


Jesus died once for all.

L52, L99, L110, L123, L133.

No more offerings for sin.

L52, L123, L124, L133.

Jesus - Head of the Church.


Children need Jesus.

L53, L94, L100.

Put God first.

L56, L74, L85, L101.

Preach the Gospel.

L57, L74, L85, L107.


L62, L63, L64, L93, L98.

Kept by God's power.

L66, L120.

Jesus' resurrection.

L69, L137, L138, L139.

Christians are different.

L80, L105.

Jesus' return.

L75, L106, L107, L118, L119, L120, L121.

Salvation is free.

L84, L85, L89.

Treasure laid up in Heaven.

L90, L101.




L94, L98, L104.

Jesus the Messiah.


Jesus the Rock.

L113, L126.

God is jealous.



L123, L124.

Witnessing for Jesus.



L135, L136.

"Three days and three nights".


Prophecy about Jesus.

L137, L138, L139.

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