What Mary,the virgin mother of Jesus,would have to say to us
if she could come to Ireland.

If Mary could come to Ireland
she would surely say such things as:
'I see that
think a lot about me.
In their churches, in their homes and in their housing areas,
they use many things in their attempt to
What fantastic things they have been told about me,
and many have believed whatever they have been told!
And now,
earnest devotion and zeal
they have made up very many prayers
that they repeat supposedly to me
and that are daily on their
If only they would have believed the true things about me as found in the Holy Bible,
and taken seriously my command recorded there, instead of disobeying it!
I made it clear to all that I saw myself as the 'handmaid of the Lord' - never as the 'mother' of God!
Surely everyone should know that the ETERNAL GOD has no mother!
religious zeal took them far beyond the truth about me
as found in the Bible.
It seems that in their
they wanted something that God had forbidden -
they wanted a 'queen in heaven'!
Because of this they now
from obeying my command to them which was:
'Do whatever JESUS tells you.'
They need to turn
to Jesus,
who taught that He was the Way, the Truth and the Life,
and who told them that no one comes to the Father except through Him!

Surely they know of my shock when God's angel came to me.
He told me of God's great undeserved favour to miraculously use me to deliver the gift of His Son - the Saviour of the world!
All God wanted me to do was to believe Him, and trust that He could and would do the miracle. And He did!
I never claimed to be 'the Immaculate Conception' or the 'most gracious advocate'! - JESUS is the only Advocate with God!
With the Saviour of the world in my womb how I rejoiced because He was to be 'God my Saviour'!
How can so many people miss the truth that it is only Jesus who can bring sinners like us to God?
And why do they make images and picture of me; all such disobedience only makes God angry!
Why do so many want to believe false things about me instead of what is told in the Holy Bible?
My advice is, 'do whatever JESUS tells you!'
You can put your trust in Him right now as your one and only, God approved, Priest and Saviour!'
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Check the message of the Bible for yourself to verify all that is said in this paper.
Here are a few of the passages referred to get you started: -
*Mary, an example of true faith: Luke 1:26-38, 45. John 1:9-14.
*Mary's Saviour: Luke 1:47. Gal. 4:4-7. John 3:16-19. 1st Jn 4:10-14.
*Things God forbids: Deut. 4:15-16. Jer. 44:16-27. Matt 15:8-9.
*Our only hope: John 14:6. Acts 4:9-12. 1st John 2:1-6. 1st Peter 3:18.

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