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by John Nixon.

"Good News Compage"J.7.

based on

John chapter chapter 2, verses 1-11.

(PLEASE READ THESE VERSES IN THE BIBLE, and the following comments.)


Jesus' mother's advice.

Suppose you are employed in a large company. One day as you are busy at your job a fellow employee comes to you and suggests should do other work that needed to be done. You would not feel obliged to do anything about that, you would likely continue with the work your boss had given you to do. But if your boss came to you and told you to change to do another job then you would know that it was right to change!

This reminds me of the short story of a very surprising thing that happened at a wedding Jesus was at in Cana in Galilee. "Jesus' mother was there, and Jesus and His disciples had also been invited to the wedding. When the wine was gone, Jesus' mother said to Him, 'They have no more wine.' 'Dear woman, why do you involve Me?' Jesus replied, 'My time has not yet come.'" (verses 1-4.)

Mary was not at all offended. She knew that Jesus, whom she had raised from a baby, was really the SON of GOD, and as such she had no authority over Him! (see Luke 1:31-35.) She was "the handmaid of the Lord", (Luke 1:38.) ; and a handmaid does not give orders to her Lord!

But, realising who Jesus really was, "His mother said to the servants, 'DO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU." (verse 5.) Meantime, Jesus, who had not responded to Mary's request, must have heard someone else tell Him to do something about the problem. It is obvious that God made clear to His Son that this was the occasion at which He should reveal His glory by using His miraculous Divine power for the first time.

In ALL that Jesus did He could always say He had done His FATHER'S WILL. (John 4:34. 5:30. 6:38. Hebrews 10:7-10.) "Nearby stood six stone water jars.... Jesus said to the servants, 'Fill the jars with water'; so they filled them to the brim."(verses 6-7.) They must have wondered how Jesus' command was going to help solve the problem.

Do you think Jesus has the answer to the problem you and I face today? Our greatest problem is our sinfulness that makes us unacceptable to God!

Jesus has the answer! "The Lamb of God takes away the sin of the world." (John 1:29.) But we must, in faith, bring our unsatisfying lives, full to the brim as they are with sin, to Jesus. He is able and willing to change them completely. (Matthew 11:28-30. 1st Peter 3:18. Acts 4:12.)

Some will think they know better and will take their sin problem to others instead of Jesus! They will think there are other ways that they can improve themselves - perhaps thinking sacraments and good works will surely help! PLEASE take Jesus' mother's advice - "Do what JESUS tells you." Bring your spoiled sinful life before Jesus now, by faith, and ask Him to miraculously change it to something beautiful, for God. (2nd Corinthians 5:17-21. Ephesians 2:8-10.)

Those servants brought their brim full jars of water to Jesus and discovered that instead of water they were now pouring out the best of wine! This was "the first of His miraculous signs" that Jesus performed. (verse 11.) Will you trust Jesus to miraculously change your life today? What a wonderful change will then flow from your life to those around you.

Read of Jesus' mother's advice in John's Gospel chapter 2, Verses 1-11.

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