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Prompts and commentary, as you read right through the Gospel of John.

by John Nixon.

"Good News Compage"J.46.

based on

John chapter chapter 10, verses 1-3.

(PLEASE READ THESE VERSES IN THE BIBLE, and the following comments.)


I'm not playing!

Have you heard something like this before? 'I'm not playing any more!"? The boy had been enjoying the game of "follow the leader” but had lost interest because so many wanted to be leader at the same time. This was only in a child's game: but the very same thing often happens at another time, and then it is very serious.

There are so many religions today, and so many different leaders each wanting to show us their way to God, that some people react just like the boy in the game. 'I'm not playing any more!', and they give up in their search for God! Others just go on blindly following the leader they started off with, and never stop to carefully check up on the 'rules' GOD has given about exactly who they should be following.

When a person doesn't want to check up on the rules of a game it is usually because he is 'bending' the rules, and wants to go on doing so! (John 3;19.) You would not object to the rules being checked if you knew you were playing fair. It would only prove you to be right!

Are you willing to check the rules God has given about who you should be following? I am!
Let us listen to Jesus' clear illustration.

Jesus said, 'I tell you the truth, the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber.' (verse 1.) What 'gate' was He speaking about? Jesus made that very clear; He said "I am the gate." (verses 7, 4, 9.)

I hope you're not tempted already to say "I'm not listening anymore!' because you don't like the 'rules' God has given!

Jesus went on to say, 'The man who enters by the gate is the shepherd of the sheep.' (verse 2.) Have your 'leaders' brought you to believe that the only way to God (1st Timothy 2:5-6.), and to belong to God(John 1:10-13.), is to come by faith through that only 'gate' - the Lord Jesus Christ? (John 14:6. Acts 4:12.)

Jesus then gave another check that can be used, so that we will have no excuse for anyone going wrong. He said, "the watchman opens the gate for him.." (verse 3.) But who or what is this 'watchman' that identifies the true shepherd? Jesus had already told the people about the reliable 'watchman' they were to check with. "You diligently study the Scriptures...These... testify about Me, yet you refuse to come to Me to have life." (John 5:39.)

Today many people still refuse to come to Jesus, although the Word of God, the Holy Bible, has so clearly shown Him to be the only One who is able and willing to forgive and save the sinner. (Romans 3:21-26. 1st Timothy 1:15.)

Many, when they hear the words of Jesus, behave very like the children in their game and will say 'I'm not listening anymore!' These are the people who don't want to believe, and obey, the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Believe God's Word and trust Jesus alone to forgive and save you today. (Acts 10:42-43.)

Read John Gospel chapter 10, verses 1-3.

John Nixon, Cork, Ireland. P31HD98.        Contact:  jnixonj@gmail.com

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